This fascinating course shows you how to identify, collect and analyze evidence for use in capturing criminal perpetrators. We’ll take you from the crime scene to the laboratory to the courtroom. You’ll learn the step by step procedures for analyzing hair, fiber, fingerprints, chemicals and blood stains; testing for drugs and alcohol; examining DNA samples and much more. You’ll also learn how to use specialized forensic equipment, reconstruct a crime scene and prepare a lab report for presentation in court.

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Career Profile

Forensic science specialists work with law enforcement officials, police agencies, private detectives and attorneys. They may be required to perform these tasks:

Collect, package, transport and document physical evidence from crime scenes
Photograph the crime scene and surroundings
Analyze fingerprints, blood, fibers, hair, documents and DNA evidence
Identify firearm and toolmark impressions
Present courtroom testimony
Reconstruct crime scenes
Show evidence to determine cause of death
Careers in forensic science are growing much faster than average. Job opportunities should increase as a result of the judicial system’s continuing need for corroborating evidence in prosecutions. Legal and law enforcement professionals would benefit from specialized training in forensics.
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