Are you tired of food fads? Would you like to understand how to eat and prepare foods for a more energetic, less illness-prone lifestyle? Are you interested in helping others lead longer, healthier lives? If so, you’ll find the answers in this course. You’ll receive solid training in the scientific approach to nutrition. You’ll explore the food pyramid, diet planning, the digestive system and how nutrients affect energy, wellness and disease.

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Career Profile

Every day, we make choices that involve nutrition. What should I have for breakfast? Is a scoop of ice cream bad for me? How can I alter my daily routine to shed pounds? Will vitamin C help a cold? Which part of a food label is important? Should I buy canned or fresh peas? Knowledge of nutrition is not only valuable to you, your family and friends; it’s widely appreciated in places such as:

Organic food and supplement stores
Weight loss clinics and centers
Menu planning for offices, schools, hospitals and other institutions
Health and fitness clubs
While a degree or certification may be necessary for nutritionists and dieticians, there are many careers where specialized nutrition training is valued. You might work in food supplement sales, be a sales clerk in a natural foods store, be a buyer for a supermarket organic foods department, work in a health club or fitness center or assist in a weight loss clinic or corporate wellness program.
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