This course is designed to give you the know-how to figure tax returns easily and efficiently for practically any common tax situation. Learn dozens of professional secrets: how to accurately calculate and report income, exemptions, adjustments, deductions, credits, depreciation, carry-overs and more – for individuals, families, and small and large businesses alike.

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Career Profile

Tax preparation involves much more than completing the infamous Form 1040 and its accompanying forms and schedules. Tax regulations for both individuals and businesses keep changing and growing more complex. This is keeping tax professionals – many working in home-based businesses – busy providing year-round services in such areas as:

Quarterly financial reports
Payroll taxes
Financial planning
Tax accounting
Audit assistance Employment Opportunities
Each year, more than 120-million Form 1040 returns are filed with the IRS. Millions more state and local returns are filed, not to mention all the corporate returns as well. As a result, tax preparers are in-demand by:
Bookkeeping and accounting firms
Tax preparation companies
Government tax office
Corporate tax departments
Community tax services
Home-based tax services
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