Train for a high-voltage career. Electricity will ‘come alive’ before your eyes through diagrams, photos, tables and fascinating hands-on activities. After
gaining a strong foundation in essential power concepts, you’ll proceed to specific wiring techniques. Fascinating lessons focus on electrical power systems, installation techniques, circuitry, measuring current, wiring, safety and repair.

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Career Profile
Electricians lead fast-paced careers. One day you may install wiring for plush new office quarters; the next day there’s a store security system to install. As a residential electrician you may work your way from house to house in a subdivision under construction. Or, upgrade the wiring in an older home that’s being remodeled. In a world dependent on electricity, climate control and household conveniences, electricians are staying busy.

Electricians, who hold more than 600,000 jobs across the U.S., are among the highest paid people in the skilled trades. Most are employed in the construction industry. And future employment opportunities are excellent. Careers include:
Construction electrician
Maintenance electrician
Public utility electrician
Electrical contractor
Telecommunications electrician
Cable television technician
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