This course provides the perfect balance of theory and practice. You’ll start with basic principles of electronics. Upon this foundation, you’ll quickly advance to digital electronics, audio amplification, transistors, transformers, resistors, integrated circuits, diodes, power control, capacitors, computers and much more. Optional lessons show you how to build a lab power supply, a triple-light flasher, an audio amplifier and a battery charger – just to name a few.

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Career Profile
Electronics is a widespread technology. From clock radios to automated teller machines, from DVD players to satellites, from heart monitors to military defense systems – electronics touches nearly every part of our lives. Perhaps you’ll start out at a simple, tabletop workshop in your home. You may repair electronics and sell parts. As word spreads among family and friends, your businesses could expand from a hobby to a full-scale career.

Job opportunities are plentiful for applicants with a thorough knowledge of electrical and electronic equipment as well as repair experience. Your career may allow you to service, install, test or troubleshoot:
Consumer electronics
Security systems
Electronic components
Car audio systems
Cable equipment
Lighting and sound gear
Aerospace equipment
Telecommunications equipment
Business machines
Automotive electronics
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